Book an Appointment with an IT Trainer

  • Due to COVID-19 Closures, One on One in-person appointments are temporarily suspended.

MCS staff can use the Microsoft Bookings Website to schedule time with Alexandra or Angela. When booking an appointment, there are a variety of options:

  • Phone calls - you can use this to schedule a quick 20 minute conversation. If needed, we can remote into your computer to show you how to fix something.
  • One-on-One session - come to our office and we’ll teach you what you want to know at your pace. (Due to shear number of staff, we ask that all one-on-one sessions be held at our training offices in Reno Building B.)

To schedule either a phone appointment or an in-person appointment, please click on the links below.

image pf mcsedtech phone call booking page

MCS EdTech 20-Minute Phone Appointments Booking Page