Learning Activities

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New applications for defining and targeting students’ academic strengths and weaknesses can help teachers create a personal playlist of lessons, tools, and activities that deliver content in ways that align with individual needs and optimal learning methods.

In a 1:1 environment, the students would begin by logging in to Schoology to see the objective for the lesson and then the activity would be listed as an assignment for the day. This can be either graded or ungraded. 

While there are many resources that are available to use to incorporate a digital activity, it is recommended that teachers pick one that is familiar to themself and the students and stick with that.

Below are examples of ... activities with an indication of the degree of technology difficulty as well as digital resources that could be used to do the activities.

The following icons will be posted on each activity type webpage indicating the type of activity that is supported.

Individual or Peer Collaboration Activity

individual activity indication icongroup activity indication icon

Writing, Drawing or Video Activity

writing activity icondrawing activity iconvideo activity icon

Bell Ringer, Presentation, Assessment or Exit Ticket Activity

bell ringer activity iconpresentation activity iconassessment activity iconexit ticket activity icon

Example Digital Activities – Entry-level*, Intermediate** and Advanced***

  • *Digital Flashcards

    A prompt might be a sentence to complete, a question to respond to, or a quote to explain. As this is a typical text only activity teachers can elect to use a word processing tools like Google Docs, Office 365 or even as a simple Schoology response activity. A more engaging and interactive version would include the use of Nearpod or Lanschool to pull individual responses to the screen for discussion.

  • *Digital Timelines
  • *Drill & Practice
  • *Worksheets, Puzzles and Matching
  • **Infographics
  • **Research Papers
  • ***Simulations