Formative Feedback & Assessments in a Digital Classroom


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formative assessment iconFormative assessments go by many names; CFUs, temperature checks, exit tickets, and so on

*While this page gives a little background into Formative Assessments and how to do them in a Digital Classroom, it is very important to understand that there are many highly effective, non-electronic means of assessing learning comprehension. 

  • The Need for Formative Assessments

    from Edutopia

    It's essential to break down a high-priority standard into bite size learning objectives that are measurable and then it's absolutely critical to have a way to check, every single day, on how well students mastered that objective.

    Having a well-written learning objective, in student-friendly language, is not enough.

    This isn't easy. In fact, there's nothing easy about teaching. But it is essential that every time students leave our classroom, we ask a number of questions:

    • How do I know that they learned what I wanted them to learn?
    • How well did they learn the objective?
    • Who mastered it and who didn't?
    • Which parts of the objective did students struggle with? What misconceptions did they have?

    If we don't answer these questions, all of our careful planning and breaking down of standards and creating a positive learning environment and making curriculum relevant is useless.

  • Non-graded Check for Understanding (CFU) - Temperature checks
  • Graded Formative Assessments
  • Exit Tickets

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