Delivering Your Lesson Content

presentation iconContent delivery is often referred to as the meat and potatoes of a lesson. It is the presentation of what the students are expected to learn over the course of a classroom period. In a synchronus environment, this typically consists of a teacher initiated a hook at the start of class that sets the focus for the day, followed by the delivery of content with some type of measurement to gauge if the delivery was successfully received by the students

With the availablity of new and innovative digital resources, the tools used to do all of this are changing.

  • MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS - The common multimedia presentations such as PowerPoint and Google slides are still available but have been augmented with new features.
  • PUBLISHER'S DIGITAL TEXTBOOK RESOURCES - With the advent of digital textbooks, publishers are also preparing special digital content delivery packages that facilitate the access to digital activities
  • LESSON ORCHESTRATION RESOURCES - Unique tools called Lesson Orchestration Tools are now available that package all of the lesson's activities into one digital resource. The leaders in this genre include Nearpod, Blendspace and Schoology.