MCS Teacher Drop Boxes

As an alternative option to using Schoology to collect electronic assignments, Teacher Drop Boxes are available for each teacher at each site. MCS Teacher Drop Boxes have existed for the last many years. These can be used in lieu of students printing classroom assignments. We can’t require any student to print homework as all students may not have access to a printer. Desktops and printers are available in libraries for high school students to print if necessary.

Some important considerations:

  • Students can access teacher folders through the T-Drive folder via the File Explorer.

    sample folder location

  • Teachers can go into their folder and create sub-folders for organization purposes, but the students cannot access them.
  • All Teacher Drop Box folders will be deleted and then re-created as empty folders one week after the end of the school year in preparation for the next school year.
  • Teachers will want to use a naming convention for the files that will allow them to differentiate class periods, student names and assignment title. One suggestion would be Period - Last.First - Assignment Name e.g., 1 - Smith.R - Chapter 1 Questions.docx

    sample file icon

  • There is only one drop box for each teacher that is accessible by the students.
  • Assignments have to be dragged and dropped into these folders. Students cannot Save as.. to these folders.

graphic showing drag and drop