Preparing for S2

REMINDER: S1 grades are due by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, January 16th. Please view the Semester Term Directions PDF.


  • Set Up Seating Charts

    Teacher Portal > Seating Chart icon > New Layout Menu > Start from a pre-existing layout > Select Term > Select Class

  • Copy Categories to S2

    Grading Icon > Categories > Edit > Select Classes

  • Copy Grade Calculations

    Settings icon > Tradition Grade Calculations > Gear Button > Copy Traditional Grade Calculations > To Another Class FROM S1 – TO S2

  • Accessing S1 Courses

    During the first 4 days of S2, both S1 and S2 courses will appear in both the Teacher Portal and PowerTeacher Gradebook. This is necessary to allow simultaneous access for grades posting and grade finalization.


  • Copying Categories, Grade Scales and Rubrics from S1 to S2

    In Schoology the beginning of a new semester is not unlike the beginning of a new school year. Your new S2 courses come with students, but nothing else. You will need to add categories (and category weights, if used), grade scales and rubrics and map your Schoology Categories to your PowerSchool Categories. 

    Copy Categories gif












    Fortunately, there's an easy way to copy over your categories (and weights) from your S1 classes.

    1. From your S1 course, click on the Gradebook and then Gradebook Setup link.
    2. Click on the Copy Settings button (upper right).

      Graphic showing the Copy Settings button




    3. Check which settings you want to bring over; Categories, Grading Scales and/or Rubrics.
    4. Select the Schoology Courses you want to Copy those settings over to and click Copy.

      Graphic showing the Copy Settings button












  • Mapping Categories to PowerTeacher

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Check to be sure that the categories you want to use have already been created in PowerTeacher and that there is no ambiguity with category names. Watch the Mapping Categories from Schoology to PowerTeacher video.

    While in a Schoology Course:

    1. Click the PowerSchool app on the left side of your course and click Configuration.
    2. Under the PowerSchool Categories column, you will now see all of the PowerSchool categories that you have created instead of the basic four.
    3. In the Schoology Course Categories column on the left, choose the correct Schoology Category that you want to map to the equivalent PowerSchool Category in the right column.
    4. Click Add next to the dropdown menu and then click Save Changes to add the new mapping.

      While you are on the PowerSchool Configuration page be sure to check the box Automatically Shorten Assignment Titles.
  • Accessing Archived Courses

    Unlike PowerSchool, Schoology does not allow simultaneous access of S1 and S2. At 12:01 AM on Tuesday, January 16, ALL S1 courses in Schoology will archive. 

    To access the archived courses:

    1. Click on the Courses menu and select See All

      graphic showing See ALL in Schoology Course selection









    2. On the My Courses tab, click the Archived button
    3. Your Archived courses will be Alphabetically listed within previous grade term sections. Most recent terms will be at the top.

      graphic showing See ALL in Schoology Course selection









    *Please note that students can use this same process to access their archived courses.

  • Accessing Dropped Students in Archived Courses

    To re-enroll a dropped student back into an archived section:

    1.     Access the archived course as described above.

    2.     Select the Members tab in the left menu.

    3.    Click the Add Members button.

    4.    Enter the student's ID number and click their name when it appears.

    5.    This student will now appear in the gradebook and his/her scores can be edited if needed.

  • Interacting with Archived Courses: 

    Once you have accessed an archived course (directions above) you can interact with it as you would with an active course. 

  • Linking Schoology Courses – WARNING Will Robinson...

    Warning, Tread Carefully

    Course section linking is advertised as a great way to manage all sections of a course more efficiently. When sections are linked, they all share the same set of materials and grade setup. This means you only need to create materials and set up your gradebook once, even when you teach multiple sections of the same course. Linked sections also have toggles enabling you to switch between each section instantly, so you can keep the sections separate while enjoying a more streamlined workflow.

    However, here’s a couple of important considerations.

    • We recommend that you only link sections at the beginning of a school year.
    • The linked sections must be the exact same subject and in the same grading period. You can’t link a Semester 1 course with a Semester 2 course.
    • *Linked courses have a significantly higher failure rate of document distribution.
    • *If you separate two linked sections, only the master section retains the materials, setup, grades, and data. This means any grade data for the other sections will disappear, including any student feedback you provided.
  • Suggestions for Smoother Syncing with PowerTeacher

    Do all grading in Schoology and use the Sync button often. Especially when adding in late scores or retakes. If you change the score in PowerTeacher only, Schoology will never pick up that change. Powerteacher does NOT sync back down to Schoology.