DBQ Online Resources

We are very excited about DBQ Online. Begin by going to your Schoology account. Click on The DBQ Online App in Schoology.


You will then click Login with Google and login with your Google Apps Account. (see image below).


Next, here is a link to a short screencast demonstrating how your students will self-enroll in your classes. Google Apps.   

Instructions for students

​See attached step by step instructions for your students on how to login to DBQ Online and self-enroll in your class.

Overview of the features of DBQ Online

Then watch the Overview of DBQ Online. To view all screencast, go to the Help section under the Support menu.

How to view student work

To view student work, you have two options

1.    In your roster, click on Manage next to a student’s name and this will allow you to see student work in progress and leave feedback.

Screencast – How to view student work and provide feedback

2.    Student can export their work by clicking on export work. Then they can upload the work to the appropriate location for sharing their work.


If for some reason you login and see the student dashboard(see below), contact [email protected]

If you have any questions you can email [email protected]