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Students who have not successfully earned required course credits are provided the opportunity to get back on track for on-time graduation with Apex Learning digital curriculum. The same rigorous, standards-based content that engages students earning original credit ensures that all students are mastering the skills and concepts necessary for their future success.


  • MCS Courses: Many
  • MCS Support Contact: Help Desk

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    • How to do I Enroll Students?

      1. On the Dashboard page, click on the pencil icon next to the classroom you would like to enroll a student in.

      graphic showing enrollment directions

      2. On the Student Enrollments page, change the drop-down menu for Organization to choose the school the student is from.

      3. In the Search window, type the student's ID number and click Enroll when their name comes up.

      graphic showing enrollment steps 2 and 3

      Q – I have followed the instructions above but I still have a student that doesn't show up, what do I do?
      A – Send an email to ApexSupport with the student's school of attendance, name and ID number. The student's account will be added asap.

    • How Do I Withdraw a Student?

      Apex Student Withdrawal Process

      1. Click the Gradebook icon next to your class.

      2. Click the Student Enrollments tab.

      3. In the Students Enrolled section, locate the student and click his or her Withdraw link. The student is moved to the Add Students section.

    • How do I change a student's Apex password?
      • Click on the Menu and select Students.
      • Set the Organization to the student’s home site.
      • Enter the student’s ID in the Search window.
      • In the Password column you can see either password or Reset; click Reset.
    • Some of the content seems to be missing, what should I do?

      Q – The student has logged in successfully and can see the course, but some of the content is not displaying, what do I do?
      A – Have them complete the Run System Check-Up and write down any errors reported and turn that in to you with their ID and name. Please email that directly to ApexSupport

    • Is there Apex In-Program Help?

      Q – How can I access the built-in Apex Help resources?
      A - Once you have logged in, click on Help in the top right corner.

    • Which District programs have access to Apex Learning?

      Apex Learning online content is used in Modesto City Schools in its G230 Academy, ESS (Extended Summer School), TOPS (Turnaround Opportunity Program), MVA (Modesto Virtual Academy), Elliott Junior and Senior Success, Concurrent Adult Education and Summer School programs.

    • How do I sign up for training?

      Training is getting setup and dates/times will be released soon. Check with Alma (EMAIL) or by calling (209) 492-5794. Visit our Apex Support website with tutorials and guides LINK to Website

    • What is the URL to the Apex Login?


    • Who do I contact with Apex technical issues?

      Apex users have three options for technical assistance from Apex Learning Support:

      • Click on the blue circle ? on any page after they have logged in
      • Call Support at: 1-800-453-1454 option 2 (M-F from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM)
      • Click this web form link. Contact Support
    • Is there a Quick Help Reference Guide available?

      LINK to Guide

    • I think I accidentally archived my classroom. How do I get it back?

      To restore an archived classroom, go to the Classrooms tab > check Show Archived Only > [select Time Period] > check the box next to classroom name > click Restore.



  • Classroom Strategies

    Student Video Tutorials

    The following 3 video tutorials should be watched by any new student to Apex prior to their first login.

    Apex Students - 1 Getting Started (04:39)

    Apex Students - 2 File Editing and Submission (03:44)

    Apex Students - 3 Quizzes & Tests (02:26)

    • First Day Suggestions

      1. Log in to apexvs.com and add all of the students from your PowerTeacher gradebook roster.

      LINK TO PDF  

      2. Print out the attached student directions.

      LINK TO For Students PDF  

      3. Utilize the Apex Support presentation and information to introduce the students to online learning with the Apex Learning System. AFTER Apex login go to this LINK  or  this LINK

      4. Before students login, have them complete the Run System Check-Up. If they encounter any system report errors, ask them to write them down with their name/ID and turn it in to you. Please email that to ApexSupport
      They will likely still be able to login.

    • Online Reading Resources
    • Requests for New Apex Courses

      Apex is continually modifing and adjusting their courses to meet new requirements from Common Core and other state and federal changes.


        From time to time, MCS may need to change the match between approved OLL courses and new Apex courses. If you believe there is a compelling reason to adjust a matched MCS OLL and Apex course, please complete the linked form below. We will get back to you as soon as a detemination has been made.

        LINK TO FORM


        If you have a request for a NEW MCS OLL course from Apex that is not already Board approved, you will need to contact your site Associate Principal to start that process. Be sure to check the current approved MCS OLL course list and the Apex Course Description links.


        • Curricular committees/department/programs meet

        For additional information/assistance, contact Educational Services 7-12

        • Course outline developed, aligned with standards/CTE Model Curriculum Standards (use course outline template)
          • If textbook(s) are to be purchased as required materials, the selection committee must include an administrator.  (Funding source of materials must be secured prior to submittal of course to next level)
          • Outline must be complete (other than credential requirement) and include CBEDS code
          • CTE course and text must be approved by CTE sector advisory
        • Course outline reviewed by department chairs
          • If course is to be CTE, ROP, Business, Industrial Technology, etc., it must first be reviewed by the Senior Director, Alternative and Vocational Education, before proceeding to the next level
        • For submission of a course to UC for “a-g” approval, the appropriate UC template should be completed and sent to Educational Services along with submission of the course outline
        • Outline then submitted to appropriate Senior Director, Educational Services, for review, which will then be
        • Submitted to Associate Principals, Curriculum and Instruction for approval
        • Submitted to Board for approval
    • Submit your Apex files Using Schoology

      Editing Via Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro

      Printable directions can be found here.

      The video below shows how to open, edit and submit files using Internet Explorer. The process is very similar in Chrome with one minor change which is shown in the steps below the video.


      Follow the same steps as with Internet Explorer through the point that you click PRINT on the Apex file. In the PRINT window, change the Destination to Save as PDF. Then navigate to that file and double-click it.

      Save as PDF graphic

      Editing Via Adobe Acrobat Pro Export File To Word

      Follow the steps above, but click the Tools button in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Click the Export File to button and choose Microsoft Word Document.

      The file will then open a browse/save window. Save your file.

      You can now go to your Documents folder and open the new Word version of your PDF. This process works best in files that do not have tables, charts or diagrams that need to be written on as they will import as graphics, not editable items.

  • Apex Editible Files

    OneDrive Shared Folder: Apex OneDrive Folder Link

    The files are saved as Word files (.doc) and can be downloaded and assigned via Schoology or added into a OneNote Class Notebook.

    RESTRICTIONS: These files can only be used for Board-approved MCS courses that specifically have Apex as the Primary Textbook Resource
    They may be used in an official MCS password-protected digital environment such as Schoology or OneNote (and OneNote Class Notebook).

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