SSL Certificate for Android Phones

All non-MCS devices and smart phones that connect to the MCS WiFi will have to install a SSL Certificate.

  • How to Install the SSL Certificate on Android Phones

    1.       Connect to an MCS WiFi network

    2.       In a browser navigate to

    3.       In the Certificate Name pop up enter a Certificate name (can be anything) and change the Used for drop down to VPN and appsandroid cert graphic

    4.       If a screen lock security mechanism is not enabled, android forces it to be turned on. Click OK

    5.       Enable the security option of your choice

    6.       After the certificate is installed, it is normal to see a notification stating the Network may be monitored by an unknown third party. This is perfectly normal and can be dismissed.

  • How to Remove the SSL Certificate on Android Phones

    1.       Open Settings->Security and press Trusted Credentials

    android trusted cert graphic

    2.       Select the DecryptCert Certificate


    3.       Scroll down on the pop up and press Remove

    4.       Confirm removal by pressing OK