Schoology From the Parent’s Perspective

Here’s what Schoology looks like from the perspective of a parent.

  • Initial Parent Account Setup - After obtaining the student Schoology Access Code (Information can be found on the Parent Account Creation For Schoology & PowerSchool webpage), parents go to, click on Sign Up and enter the access code (after this initial account setup, returning parents will click on the Log In link).

    Schoology parent sign-in info

  • Parent vs Student View - After the creation of the account (username and password), parents will land on their own home page. Parents can toggle between their parent account and any of their connected student accounts.

    parent student toggle

  • Student Activity - Once a specific student has been selected, the Student Activity screen shows all activity by the student from all of their courses. Clicking on an assignment brings up the assignment description and due date. 

    sample list of student activities

  • Grades - Clicking into the grades section to a specific class brings up all graded assignments for that class. Parents can click on an assignment to see what the assignment was and to see what the student submitted. (Parents cannot submit anything for their student.) In this case the parent can implement some corrective action with their student and apply appropriate consequences, i.e., loss of videogame time...

    sample student grades

  • Messaging - Parents and students can use the Schoology Message feature to send questions or comments to teachers and administrators, but cannot message other students.

    sample student post

  • Confidentiality - Clicking on an assignment only allows the parent to see their student's posts. Clicking on the course Membership only shows the course teacher, no students. The same is true for Messaging. Students can only message other site staff.

    sample student post

  • Calendar View - If a parent clicks on the Home button with their student toggled on, they see any upcoming event with clickable links. If a student is a member of a Schoology Group (i.e., Science Olympiad) that specific calendar would be accessible via the Group button at the bottom of the calendar.

    sample calendar view