Here are some tips and tricks to get started with Schoology.

(Link to Schoology Setup – First Time Users PDF)

A little before the start of the school year, PowerSchool will create your sections and dynamically populate the student information for all of your courses in Schoology. However, your course assignments, materials, categories and grade scales will be blank.

  • STEP 1 – Set up Categories, Category Weights and Grade Scales in PowerTeacher Pro

    PowerSchool is the official student grading system and it is where you have to first setup all grade scales, categories and category weights. (Link to PowerTeacher Pro Video)

    • SET GRADE SCALE: Log into PowerSchool, launch PowerTeacher Pro (PTP) and go to Settings > Student Grade Scales > Add to choose a grade scale. IMPORTANT NOTE - The grade scales labeled HONORS must only be used in Honors courses (AP, IB, Pre-AP, etc.)
    • GRADING CATEGORIES: To set up assignment categories go to Grading> Assignments Categories and click the + Create button at the top.
    • GRADE WEIGHTING FORMULAS: If you are using Total Points without any category or term weighting, you can skip this step. If you are going to use Category and/or Term weighting, these need to be set up in PTP after completing step b above. (Settings > Traditional Grade Calculations > Actions > Formula tab).
    • DROP LOW SCORES: If you want to utilize the Drop Low Scores feature in Schoology, it needs to be set first in PTP (Settings > Traditional Grade Calculations > Actions > Drop Low Scores tab).

    *IMPORTANT NOTE: Once these are set, you should not have to go back into PTP for grading purposes until it is time to finalize grades. ALL assignment creation and grading should be done in Schoology.

  • STEP 2 – Set up Categories, Category Weights and Grade Scales in *Schoology

    *These must match your settings in PTP.

      1. Log in to Schoology, click on the Courses menu, select one of your courses & click on the + Add button.
      2. Re-create all of the PTP categories that were created in STEP 1.
      3. To set up category weighting, check the Weight Categories box and then apply the corresponding weight percentage for each category.
      4. Once all of your categories have been created to match your PTP settings, there is one last important check to make. Click on each category and make sure the Calculated by: * is set to Total pts – THIS IS MANDATORY FOR THE SYNC TO PTP.
      1. Log in to Schoology, click on the Courses menu, select one of your courses and click on the Grade Setup link.
      2. Under Final Grade Settings, click the drop-down menu next to Gradebook Scale and select the Gradebook Scale that matches your gradebook scale in PTP.
        *IMPORTANT: In Schoology there are no HONORS versions of the gradebook scales.
  • STEP 3 – Schoology to PowerSchool Sync Grades & Configuration Settings

    To access the PowerSchool Sync Grades and Configuration, log in to Schoology, browse to a Course and click the PowerSchool button along the bottom left navigation column. There will be a slight delay in the load of this link. The next window will have two buttons, Sync Grades & Configuration. Click the Configuration button.

    • Automatically shorten assignment titles - PowerSchool limits the characters for assignment titles to 50 characters. You must check this box.
    • Map your Schoology categories to your categories in PowerSchool – This section will contain all of the categories that you currently have set up in PTP (from Step I). By clicking the Add menu to the left of each PTP category, you need to select the corresponding Schoology Category.
  • STEP 4 – Schoology Linked Sections *Warning – Proceed with Caution

    Course section linking is advertised as a great way to manage all sections of a course more efficiently. When sections are linked, they all share the same set of materials and grade setup.

    However, here are some important considerations:

    • We recommend that you only link sections at the beginning of a school year.
    • The linked sections must be the exact same subject and in the same grading period. You can’t link a Semester 1 course with a Semester 2 course.
    • *Linked courses have a significantly higher failure rate of document distribution.
    • *If you separate two linked sections, only the master section retains the materials, setup, grades, and data. This means any grade data for the other sections will disappear, including any student feedback you provided.