Create New Course

Please note that any course created for you through PowerSchool will automatically be added to your Schoology Course list and will be autopopulated with students. To create a non-PowerSchool course, follow the Manual Course Creation directions below.

  • Manual Course Creation
    • Click the Courses drop-down in the top menu
    • Select Create in the lower-left of the Courses drop-down menu

    In the Create form:

    • Enter your course name; for example, "English 101"
    • Rename the section name by clicking into the area that says Section 1. If you teach multiple section.
    • Select a Subject Area
    • Enter a grade level, or select a grade ranger

    Click Create to finish.

    Note: If you are a free user, you may create, add, or select grading periods during course-creation. However, if you have a Teacher account in a Enterprise school, a grading period will only be available if the System Administrator has created a list of designated grading periods. If you don't see a grading period for your course, please contact your System Administrator.

  • Course Name vs. Section Name

    Each course has a Course Name and a Section Name. This naming convention allows you to create multiple sections for the same course. For example:

    • Course Name: English 101
    • Section Name: Section 1

    Creating Sections

    Create a new section under an existing course.

    If you already have a course, and you'd like to add another section, follow these steps:

    • Select the Courses dropdown menu and click See All
    • Click the Add Section button next to the desired course
    • Click Create


    Create a copy of a current course section

    • Select the Course dropdown menu and click See All
    • Select the Gear Icon and click Copy Section
    • Complete the Copy Course Section form
    • Click Create

    Note: Schoology automatically changes the Section Name, but you can modify it by clicking on the Section Name.

  • Add Members to Courses

    To add members, start from the Course Profile by selecting a course from the Courses dropdown menu at the top of the page. For a complete list of your courses click the See All link at the bottom right of the Courses dropdown menu. You can add members to your section by distributing the Course Access code or by using the Add Members button (Enterprise). Depending on the settings in place at your school or organization, you may not see some of the options below.

    Use an Access Code

    Each course has a 10-digit Access Code (in a green box) located near the bottom of the left menu, and also in the Members page located in the left menu.

    You can distribute this code to your students to allow them to register for Schoology on their own. Students with existing Schoology accounts can use the Access Code to join your class without having to create a new account.

    Students can register by going to See Student Sign Up.

    Note:  If your Access Code is being used by people other than your students, go to the Members page and reset the code in the green box. The new code will render the old one obsolete. Students already enrolled in the course will remain enrolled.

    Require Approval

    You can manually approve new members before they can join the course even if they use the Access Code. To do so follow these steps:

    • From the Course Profile select the Members tab in the left menu
    • Find the Require Approval checkbox below the Access Code in the green box to the right
    • Enable the checkbox

    Use the Add Members Button (Enterprise)

    Depending on the settings in your school or organization, some instructor accounts will have an Add Members button in their Members area. Instructors with this button can add members by following these steps:

    • Select the Members tab in the left menu
    • Click on the Add Members button
    • Select the member(s) you'''d like to enroll into the course. You will see a selected count in the upper right corner. You can also search or browse for each user without affecting previously selected members
    • For students without an account, you can send them an access code via email
    • Click Add Members to finish