Courses are the structure of your online classroom. They're the space where students and teachers interact; the space where all the course materials will be housed, viewed, and completed. Through your Courses, every message, update, assignment, etc. is specific to course members only. Your online course contains all the necessary tools for building materials designed to engage students and facilitate interaction.

Course Features

Schoology Courses include the following features/resources:

  • Materials

    Your Materials are the backbone of your course. This includes the tools you need to build diverse materials designed to engage students on all levels. You can tailor folders, assignments, and quizzes to fit specific needs within each class.

    • Assignment
    • Add Test/Quiz
    • Add Assessment
    • Add File/Link/External Tool
    • Add Discussion
    • Add Page
    • Add Media Album
    • Add Package
    • Import from Resources
  • Updates


  • Gradebook


  • Badges


  • Upcoming