About Schoology

Schoology is the official Learning Management System (LMS) for Modesto City Schools.  


    For those not familiar with what it is used for, here’s a little background on it. Our students and teachers have had access to a variety of online tools to create word processing files, multimedia presentations, spreadsheets and more for several years now. What was lacking was a workflow delivery system that would allow teachers to distribute these online assignments, collect them, grade them and return them to the students electronically. Schoology allows this to happen all within one easy-to-access system. Schoology was implemented at the beginning of this school year (2014-15) at all of the high schools. Grades K-8 were set up to pilot the program in early January.   


    Students and teachers login using any browser or computer system, from home or school, with their MCS login (this is called single sign on or SSO).

    They can see assignments coming up, can download, complete and submit back, all from the same website. Teachers can collect, review, comment on grade and return them back to the students. These grades can then be synced with the push of a button up to the PowerTeacher gradebook. Parents can also login and see all of their students’ calendars and assignments from one login, no matter how many students and school sites they are at. 


    As was mentioned above, students and teachers only use one login to access calendars, assignments and turn in homework. No need to learn multiple usernames and passwords. There is no need for third party drop-boxes or complicated collection processes. Students can submit assignments, get feedback from their teacher, make corrections and re-submit, all from one website. Students can see immediately when a teacher has graded an assignment and that score can appear in the PowerTeacher gradebook with the click of a button. The skills learned by the students as they interact with the teacher electronically will be a huge benefit when they go to college or get a career with any large company that depends on electronic file collaboration. In G230 alone, they have cut paper and ink costs by at least 66% since implementing it. 


    School sites and curriculum departments are just now discovering the collaboration potential Schoology offers through its Groups and Resources features. Resources and lesson plans can easily be stored and shared with colleagues. LAUSD heard about our program and contacted the District to learn more about how we have implemented Schoology both in the classroom and in departmental groups. 

    • Schoology Website Visits   – 578,074 
    • Schoology Webpage Views   – 4,643,124 
    • Assignment Submissions   – 192,170 
    • Files Uploaded   – 141,255 
    • Schoology Website Visits   – 924,737 
    • Schoology Webpage Views   – 7,484,001 
    • Assignment Submissions   – 308,926 
    • Files Uploaded   – 251,198 

    schoology logo and nameWant to know about the latest things going on in Schoology? This page will currate all the cool updates to Schoology! You can also skim through old updates to learn about features you might now know about.

    • LockDown Browser Now Works with Schoology Assessments

      Schoology and Respondus released an update that allows LockDown Browser to work with the new assessment tool. Please refer to this webpage for more information on using LockDown Browser.

    • Schoology Course Names Now Include the Period #

      When you click on the Courses menu in Schoology you and your students will now be able to see the Course Name and Period.

      graphic showing course periods

    • Schoology Dashboard View

      Introducing the Course Dashboard 

      The Course Dashboard is a new version of the Schoology Homepage that enables users to view all their courses as a tiled list. Users can set this as their default home page, or as an alternate view on a second tab.

      New Schoology Dashboard tab

      From here, members can click into any one of their courses and go directly to its main landing page.

      Users can also access the Recent Activity view, the current home page for all Schoology accounts, from the tab next to the Course Dashboard tab.

      image showing the Recent Activity tab


      Teachers and students have the option to choose whether they want the new Course Dashboard or the Recent Activity page to show as the default view. The current Default page is the Recent Activity page.

      • Click the down arrow in the upper-right of the screen, next to your name, and select Account Settings.
      • Scroll down to the Other Options section at the bottom of the page.
      • In the Set Home Page to row, select Recent Activity or Course Dashboard.
      • Click Save Changes to update the homepage.