PowerTeacher Resources for 2018/19


Directions for the completion of Progress/Quarter/Semester/Trimester Reports can now be found on the Grade Reports page.

The resources in the PowerTeacher website have been updated and reorganized for the current 2018/19 school year.

Here is an overview of the organization of resources on this site

  • POWERTEACHER PRO - All PowerTeacher Pro (PTP) related information such as creation of assignments, categories, grade scales and such will be under the PowerTeacher Pro link.
  • POWERTEACHER PORTAL - All portal-related resources such as taking attendance, using seating charts and troubleshooting will generally have their own separate page along the left navigation.

Office Staff and Admin Resources

PowerSchool resources are found on the PowerSchool Resources SharePoint Page. This website requires users to authenticate using their MCS network login username and password.