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  • Lanschool has been changed to prevent student screens from appearing in the teacher’s Lanschool console when the student is not in the classroom.
  • If a student is in class, but their screen is not showing in the teacher’s Lanschool console, then please check to ensure that the student is not using a cell phone hot spot.
  • If a student is in class, using the District’s network and is not showing in the teacher’s Lanschool console, please have the student restart their device.

Directions for Pull-Out Students

This option works for teachers needing to add students into an environment such as the Intervention Center or a Resource Pull-out who would otherwise be in a regularly scheduled course. The PDF directions can be found at the right. Here’s a link to the video How to add or remove students in Lanschool.

What is LanSchool?

LanSchool is a great way to monitor student devices in the classroom! Simply load in your class list and have instant access to all of your students’ screens.

Can I use it in a lab or with a COW?

Of course! Just load in the class list provided to you!

Can I use it in my 1-to-1 classroom?

You bet! Just use the dynamic list feature to bring in each period of student devices.

So, it this just for looking at what the students are doing?

Not at all! LanSchool gives the teacher the ability to remote control student devices, block the web, share a screen, and more! LanSchool has lots of great tools to empower the teacher to take charge in a classroom full of technology.