Adobe Spark is the integrated web and mobile solution that enables everyone, especially teachers and their students, to easily create and share impactful visual stories.

  • Three Story Formats: Pages, Posts & Videos

    Adobe Spark supports three story formats, three ways to express ideas:

    • Pages

      A Spark Page is a highly visual text based story, think of it as the word processor you wish you had when you were in school. As such, it is ideally suited for text-based projects and assignments that involve lots of photographs. Spark Page turns stories into modern, professional, attention-grabbing web pages. With Page, teachers and students can bring words and images together in fun ways, turning essays, assignments, reports, and more into engaging visual stories. Play with a variety of layouts, and add text. Use your own photos, or pick from thousands of free online images (with appropriate filtering applied). Simply tap on one of the professional themes and beautiful fonts, and magazine-style design and motion transforms the story. The end result is a modern, responsive web page, one that looks great on any device and any size screen.

    • Posts

      A Spark Post is an image optimized for social media. If you are going to be posting ideas or links (including links to Video and Page stories), then Post will create the compelling attention-grabber that you’ll need. Spark Post enables you to create stunning social graphics in seconds. Start by remixing a design from the Inspiration Wall, or start from scratch to create a truly unique masterpiece. Either way, add an image, provide text, and beautiful typography will be applied on-the-fly. Transform your creation by applying design filters with a single tap. Each tap gives you completely new layouts, color palettes, typography styles, and photo filters - no design experience required. When you’re done, save your creation, or share it with family and friends via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

    • Videos

      A Spark Video is a narrated movie, and is thus best suited for oral presentations, the type of storytelling that you may have previously used slideshow software for. Spark Video lets you turn your story into a captivating animated narrated video in just minutes. Presenting a report, explaining a concept in class, or telling a personal story has never been easier. Starting with a blank slate, or using gentle prompts as a guide, teachers and students use Spark to talk through their story one line at a time. Pick from thousands of beautiful, iconic images (or use your own) to illustrate your ideas. Select a design theme and supporting music. Spark automatically incorporates cinema-quality animation; just tap play and view it on any device or browser. Then, share with friends, family, and the world.

  • Spark in the Classroom

    Adobe Spark has proven to be an invaluable classroom tool. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of students and their teachers use these apps every day, injecting fun and interactivity into all sorts of classes and subjects. Here are some example uses provided to us by teachers:

    • Speech and language play
    • Sight words proficiency
    • Narrative prompts
    • Rhyming games
    • Playing with shapes and colors
    • Second language acquisition
    • Story starters
    • Creative storytelling
    • Book reports
    • Written assignments
    • Photo essays
    • Class reports and blogs
    • Trip reports
    • Science fair presentations
    • Student portfolios
    • Classroom newsletters
    • Athletics announcements
    • Game updates
    • School and district reports
    • PTA ads and promos

Adobe Spark samples graphic